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About Us.

Our Restory

Our new dining is based on food safety, dining transparency and product quality.

HANOK dining is about you, the diner, controlling your food, precise charcoal cooking to your desire
and satisfaction and a quality dining experience. You are in control of your food, ingredients, and
cooking during the dining. Our food is not cooked behind walls. The new dining requires that you the
are not just a diner but the controller of your food and its cooking. No more food being prepared
behind walls. Everything is put on the table. Literally.

A Few Words About Us

We are a young network of North Asia food enthusiast and entrepreneurs. We have no cooking ego. We depend on your dining satisfaction, fine food, and honest feedback.

Our Food Policy & Core Values

HANOK dining is authentic Korean charcoal cooking. The meat is cooked the Korean way. With family or a group of friends. Korean barbecue grills beef, pork or chicken is marinated before being grilled on the charcoal table. All charcoal cooking is done at your table. The meat is cut up in small pieces, barbequed and eaten together with lettuce, kimchi, garlic, and a wide array of sauces. You see the meat and fish before you grill it over charcoal exactly the way you want it. How many times have you been asked in a restaurant ‘how do you’re like your steak?”. You are given three options – rare, medium, and well done. Have you ever really received the meal exactly as you want it? We suggest never. Or if you have it is by chance. HANOK dining ends the dining lottery. Our cooking without walls means you can eat exactly what you want, how you want it and when you want it.